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Leslee Lukosh​

     Foundturtle Art Emporium is committed to the development of mindfulness through creating and acquiring visual art online and in Portland, Oregon.


          I am an artist and an art educator.  I currently teach Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade Art at a local parochial school (for the last 15 years).  I hold two degrees in Fine Art: a B.S. in Drawing and Printmaking through the University Honors Program at Portland State University and an M.F.A. in Printmaking through the University of South Dakota.


     The content of my work changed profoundly in 2018 due to a personal trauma in my life; my teenage son took his life.  Since then, my Art has been in the service of the Spirit World, managing grief, and making visible the unseen world.  To that end, I am offering coursework on Art as meditation and consolation, as well as my own Art work inspired by and connected to the Great Spirit that connects us all on both sides of the veil.

     I donate 10% of all sales, both art and coursework to to help mitigate the epidemic of suicide in honor of the life of my forever 17 year old son, Joshua.





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