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This sardine can nicho  is 8 3/8" long from the top of the flint to the bottom of the bell.  It measure 3" across and 7/8" deep. It weighs 8 ounces total.  It is built on an actual sardine can (which was thoroughly washed and treated with a heat gun to eliminate any fishy smell).  Assemblage elements include: a striker and flint from an old lighter, a soapstone block, a wooden ball, a glass bench, an aged brass bell, a handblown glass bead, metal hook and a bronze dragon figurine.  I added a dragon skin texture with apoxie clay and it is painted with multiple coats of acrylic paint.

What is a nicho? Good question!  It is a type of folk art popular throughout the Americas, sometimes devotional in nature but more often a bit of a quirky expression. They are a form of assemblage art, a collection of common objects arranged in a pleasing manner to evoke an emotional response.

I call this piece "The Call of the Dragon."  I have been a student of Asian art and culture for a number of years which highly influenced this nicho.  Additionally, my son who died in 2018 was born in the year 2000, one of the years of the Dragon in Chinese astrology.  I hear my little dragon call to me every single day.

As always 10% of shop purchases are donated to in memory of that dragon boy of mine.

Dragon Sardine Can Nicho

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